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Maltese202 is a ROBLOXian on the game 'ROBLOX' created by David Baszucki. And is also the creator of this wikia. (Kfj2991)

I have also created two games which have hit over 1000 visits, those are: Foxy Survival 3 and Survive a Haunted Pizzeria.

I don't usually play on the games, he usually spends his time on the forums, usually ROBLOX Talk.

Since I am the REAL Maltese202, I will be giving you all a leak to a new game I am secretly working on: The War. I will be recklessly working on this game, SOLO.

I have experienced the forums and my favourite, BY FAR. Is All Things ROBLOX, it isn't that bad, people usually go for ROBLOX Talk because it has the MOST posts.

I created this wikia because I DO NOT want people asking me on the ROBLOX website for things, what I like, what I hate, what I usually do on ROBLOX for spare time.

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This topic is about me, and my friends who help me!

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Maltese202 from March 2015 to April 2015

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